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<This project has been completed on March 31, 2014>

FIRST Program “Strategic Exploitation of Neuro-Genetics for Emergence of the Mind”closing remarks

Dear visitors,

As the FIRST Program “Strategic Exploitation of Neuro-Genetics for Emergence of the Mind” project closes, we would like to say a few words. To reveal the brain mechanisms that lead to the Human Mind, this project has studied the structures and functions of brain from Neuro-Genetics perspectives with particular focus on the development of the transgenic marmoset technologies.

During its term (2010 through March 2014), we have created many scientific and technological
achievements. The project also provided many young researchers with ample academic opportunities, both domestically and internationally. Some of the highlights are: *Multidimensional Marmoset Brain Atlas using MRI. *Comparative anatomy of marmoset and mouse cortex from genomic expression. *Creation of transgenic Alzheimer decease model marmoset and initiation of joint research using this with a pharmaceutical firm.

On behalf of the project team, we would like to thank all the involved and interested parties for their kind understanding, support and endeavor provided for this project.

During our project, brain science has gathered lots of attention world-wide. In 2013, EU initiated Human Brain Project, and U.S.A followed suit with BRAIN Initiative. Japan will initiate new brain science project, tentatively called “Elucidation of whole neural networks in the brain by developing innovative technologies” from 2014.

With our research results, many of our team will participate in this new project and continue to contribute to the society.

We appreciate your continued support for brain science activities into the future.

【Operational Support Institution: RIKEN for“Strategic Exploitation of Neuro-Genetics for Emergence of the Mind”】

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