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RIKEN BSI News No. 40 (Jul. 2008)

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Special Feature

The Mysteries of the Brain Beyond Synaptic Transmission

Dr. Alexey Semyanov, Unit leader, Semyanov Research Unit

Research Results at BSI

Mechanism for Learning from Correct/Incorrect Behavior

Laboratory for Cognitive Brain Mapping

Discovery of Neuronal Cell that Changes Working According to Change in Social Climate

Laboratory for Symbolic Cognitive Development

New Discovery for Mechanism of Neuronal Migration and Morphogenesis

Laboratory for Developmental Neurobiology

Elucidation of Mechanism for Development of Intractable Epilepsy Caused by Sodium-Channel Gene Mutation

Laboratory for Neurogenetics

Brain Network

The Fusion of Neuroscience and Computer Science

Dr. Hajime Hirase, Unit Leader, Hirase Research Unit

Cover Photo

Cover Photo: Extrasynaptic communication in the brain.

Extrasynaptic communication in the brain.
Blue arrows indicate sources of transmitter (S-synaptic spillover, A-astrocytic release), black arrows-targets (1,2-synaptic and extrasynaptic receptors, 3-transporters).

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